Top 10 Maternity Must Haves

top ten maternity must-haves

Top 10 Maternity Must Haves

  1. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow – As I’ve moved from the second trimester into the third I have found sleeping to be more of a struggle. I love sleeping smashed on my side or on my back and with a growing bump that was basically impossible. Once I received a pregnancy pillow from bump nest it made sleeping so much easier. I love the support it offers my neck and shoulders, and how soft it is. The fabric is creamy smooth so it literally feels like sleeping on a cloud. Everyone needs this thing pregnant or not!
  2. CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle – One of the strangest things about being pregnant is how much I crave water. The coldest ice water I can find is constantly a necessity so having a cute and convenient waterfall bottle is definitely a must. This glass bottle is perfect because it doesn’t retain odors or tastes and is easily washable.
  3. Gap Maternity Tee Shirts – One of the first things I outgrew were my favorite cotton tee shirts. Finding a great maternity tee became essential and these from Gap are absolutely perfect. They are great for layering under sweaters and cardigans or wearing on their own. They have a hint of stretch so they grow with you throughout the entire pregnancy.
  4. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream – Another strange thing about pregnancy is how itchy your skin becomes. I lay in bed at night and get random spasms of itching. One remedy for this is making sure my skin is always moisturized. I love using coconut oil because it smells amazing and is more moisturizing than an average lotion.
  5. Panty Liners – This may be something nobody ever talks about. It’s definitely something that took me by surprise but there always tends to be a little extra something down there. I find that using panty liners really helps me stay clean and hygienic throughout the day.
  6. Vanity Fair Full Coverage Underwire Bra – The first thing that changed when I found out I was pregnant were the twins. They felt big and heavy and it became painful to wear a padded bra. I remember the first time I put it on because it felt like heaven and I immediately wished I hadn’t waited so long to upgrade.
  7. Maternity Cable-Knit Sweater – Taking the plunge and buying maternity clothes has been the best decision I ever made. You quickly outgrow your regular clothes and there is nothing worse than putting on a shirt or sweater that doesn’t fully cover the bump. These sweaters from Old Navy are great because they fit perfectly, are comfortable, and are completely affordable.
  8. Full-Panel Skinny Jeans – My first pair of maternity jeans were low-panel jeans and they were so uncomfortable to wear I slightly panicked thinking I wouldn’t be able to wear jeans during my entire pregnancy. Finally I opted for a pair of full-panel jeans and it was absolute heaven. The stretchy panel goes straight over the bump and you literally forget you are even pregnant.
  9. Maternity Dresses – Dresses are extremely convenient during pregnancy because there aren’t any weird seams or uncomfortable bands that hit at awkward places. I am not a fan of maxi dresses so finding a dress that stopped at the knee became a necessity. I love these from Old Navy because they cover the bump, come in cute patterns, and are long enough for every day.
  10. J.Crew Shearling Scuffs – Now that winter is here, I love having a cozy pair of slippers to wear whenever I get a chill. Not to mention the extra bit of padding on my feet helps with carrying around this added weight as well.


  1. Pearl
    January 8, 2017 / 12:15 AM

    I just saw your website and loved everything about it. I am 12 weeks pregnant and want to know all the dos and don’t plus I love to look good when my belly is starting to show.

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