Twisted Bun Updo

A chic updo that would be perfect for the upcoming holidays! This twisted bun updo is quick and easy and all it takes is a bit of twisting and pinning as you go along! No braiding required, how neat is that! this look would be perfect for a party or night out on the town. With the holidays coming up, be sure and keep this style in mind for your next big event!

The style starts right behind the left ear where the hair is twisted and wrapped around the nape of the neck to create a chic chignon or bun. Pinned down as its twisted, this is a quick and easy hairstyle for the everyday girl. Dress it up with a gorgeousΒ clip and dash of red lipstick and you will have all your friends guessing how you did it!

Twisted Bun Updo |

Twisted Bun Updo | Twisted Bun Updo | Twisted Bun Updo |

HAIR CLIP: Elle {silver version} // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ // SWEATER: Abercrombie&Fitch {similar} // SHIRT: Gap

Twisted Bun Updo Steps:

Step 1 / Start by brushing the hair straight back.

Step 2 / Pick up a section of hair at the back of the crown and gently back comb it down to create a bit of volume.

Step 3 / Spray some hair spray at the roots to help it stay.

Step 4 / Pick up a section in front of the first and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5 / Gently comb the top layer down to smooth it out.

Step 6 / Next, pick up a section of hair directly behind the left ear.

Step 7 / Carefully twist the hair upwards and gradually pick up hair as you twist the hair across the back of the head.

Step 8 / Secure the roll with hair pins as you go.

Step 9 / Once the twist reaches the right side, continue twisting the hair trailing it downwards and across the nape of the neck.

Step 10 / Continue pinning as you go.

Step 11 / When the twist reaches across to the left side, all the hair should be brought in.

Step 12 / Wrap the twist into the middle of the bun and secure it with pins.

Step 13 / Tuck in the tail and make sure no hair pins are showing .

Step 14 / Place a hair clip directly behind the left ear where the hairstyle began.

Step 15 / Finish by smoothing down any flyaways with hairspray and a swipe of your favorite lipstick!Twisted Bun Updo |


  1. mvholy
    December 2, 2016 / 8:50 AM

    inspired to keep growing my hair longer!

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