Infinity Bun Tutorial

Tossing your hair into a bun isΒ one of the easiest hairstyles to wear. This infinity bun tutorial will dress up that bun and take it to the next level. There are so many different ways to do a bun, whether it’s a top knot or messy bun, they are always chic and cool and great for every day.

For this hairstyle, start with a regular old ponytail. Then divide the hair into two halves twisting the top half up and around and the bottom half up and around to create an infinity symbol. Pin the whole thing down and gently loosen it to create a fuller effect and hide the pins. It is easy to do once you get the hang of it so click below and watch the full tutorial to see exactly how it’s done!

Infinity Bun Tutorial |

Infinity Bun Tutorial steps:

Step 1 / Start by brushing all the hair back into a ponytail at the center of the back of the head.

Step 2 / Tie it off with a clear elastic band.

Step 3 / Next, divide the ponytail into two halves, top and bottom.

Step 4 / With the top half, twist the hair upwards and lay it against the head, up and to the left of the hair elastic band.

Step 5 / Pin the twist against the head.

Step 6 / Continue twisting the hair and wrap it downwards, pinning as you go, creating a loop and one half of the infinity symbol.

Step 7 / When the twist reaches the hair band again, pick up the other half of hair.

Step 8 / Continue twisting the hair upwards and pinning.

Step 9 / Wrap the hair around and back down, forming the other half of the infinity symbol.

Step 10 / Once it’s pinned, if you have leftover hair, continue twisting the hair pinning it underneath the bun.

Step 11 / Gently pull on the edges to create a fuller bun and hide the hair pins.

Step 12 / Spritz the look with hairspray and you are set!

Infinity Bun Tutorial | Infinity Bun Tutorial |

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