Burgundy and Gold Nail Tutorial

by beauty contributor, Emma

Freshly manicured nails are always fun and this burgundy and gold nail tutorial is a perfect way to transition your nail routine right into Fall. Burgundy, wine, and deep reds are the perfect shades for the season and tossing in a hint of gold adds a bit of sparkle to an otherwise ordinary look. This tutorial is quick and easy and even the most basic beginner can tackle it with the help of a bit of tape, patience, and steady hand. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Burgundy and Gold Nail Tutorial | MissySue.comSupplies

Burgundy and Gold Nail Tutorial Steps: 

Step 1 / Cut little triangles in your tape and stick them to the edge of a table for easy access. Using tweezers or your fingers lay the tape over the nail creating a triangle at the cuticle. Make sure the tape is pushed down completely to stop any runs in the polish. Paint two coats of gold over the space using a detailer brush or the polish brush. Slowly remove the tape with your tweezers or fingers. Use a cotton swab or an angled brush dipped in acetone to clean up around your cuticles.

Step 2 / Repeat step one with each nail creating gold triangles at the cuticle.

Step 3 / Using the detailer brush or polish brush, carefully paint one half of the exposed nail with the burgundy polish.

Step 4 / Then repeat on the other side of the nail. Continue painting each nail to complete the look then top each with a fast dry polish. Clean up around the edges with a cotton swap and bit of acetone.


  1. November 12, 2014 / 2:13 AM

    <3 <3 so fun!! Thanks Missy!!!

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