28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby’s gender:


Baby’s size:

Baby boy weighs 2 1/4 pounds, about the size of a large eggplant, and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels.

Baby’s development:

He can open and close his eyes, which now sport lashes. This movement is more of a reflexive blink than a deliberate opening and closing.

My weight gain:

20 lbs


Anxious and nervous for his arrival.

Morning sickness: 

Pretty much buckled down with scheduled snacks and knowing when nausea would strike otherwise.


Cheese. I especially love string cheese and keep it stocked in the fridge.

Things of Note:

I visited the doctor and am measuring at 29 inches. At 28 weeks they said I should be somewhere around that number so it looks like everything is going well. Right now this little guy is head up and in two weeks when I go back, if he’s still head up then I’ll have to do some exercises to flip him so he’s head down from 30 weeks until he’s due. I already did some research online about forward leaning inversion to get them to flip. I tried it and lasted about 10 seconds but if I can get up to 30 seconds then I’ll be good to go!

Sleeping with a body pillow has helped immensely. It makes a kind of cocoon in the bed and when I crawl in, it just feels so safe and soft. I’m working on the review but so far double-thumbs up for that!

I bought a dress that I think will be perfect for the maternity shoot. I am going to wait and reveal it with the photos which I am super hoping turn out well! Anybody else take maternity pictures before their bun was born? I’ve love to hear any tips for keeping it modest and flattering!

Details from above:

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28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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