15 Braids for Fall

15 Braids for Fall is the newest series of braids! I am excited to have a new set of braids that are already available for you to see!

Fall is in full swing and now is a great time to change up your beauty routine. Braids are a fun and easy way to do that. Some of these styles are great for beginners with others being a little more challenging for those wanting to test out their skills. I hope you love them and give a few of these lovely braids a try!

Don’t forget to check out the previous series, “12 Braids for Summer” and “20 Braids for Spring.”

15 Braids for Fall | MissySue.com

15 Braids for Fall

  1. Half Up Crown Braid
  2. Waterfall, Dutch French Braid into Braided Bun
  3. Embellished French Braid with Twists
  4. Brigitte Bardot Mermaid Braid
  5. Half Up Side French Braid
  6. Triple French Braid Double Waterfall Ponytail
  7. Fishtail French Braid Braided Bun
  8. French Braid Ponytail
  9. Dutch Waterfall Dutch Merged Braid
  10. Waterfall Braid
  11. Side French Braid
  12. French Braid into Messy Bun
  13. French Braid Rolle Bun
  14. Waterfall French Braid Updo
  15. Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid


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