French Braid Rolled Bun

French Braid Rolled Bun is the perfect way to jazz up your french braid!

It would look great for a night out on the town because of its rocker feel or as a day time look when heading out to an event.

I featured a similar look in this super old tutorial, Mohawk Dutch Braid: Inspired by Kate Bosworth, but with a Dutch braid instead of a french braid and majorly shorter hair too!

I obviously love the style and think you will too once you’ve mastered the french braid which is probably the trickiest part of this whole look.

French Braid Rolled Bun |

French Braid Rolled Bun | MissySue.comFrench Braid Rolled Bun |

Read the steps below to complete the French Braid Rolled Bun:

  1. Begin by brushing all the hair straight back, away from the face.
  2. Next, take a section of hair at the back of the crown and back comb the hair gently to create a bit of volume.
  3. Smooth out the teased section and comb the hair straight back again.
  4. At the corners of the forehead, divide out a section of hair for the french braid.
  5. Divide the section into three equal parts and cross the side strands over the middle.
  6. Next, cross the back piece over the middle and bring in a section of hair, adding it into the strand.
  7. Now cross the other side piece over the middle, bringing in hair again as in step 6.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the braid trails down the back of the head and all the hair is brought in.
  9. Continue braiding the hair down into a regular braid.
  10. Tie off the end with an elastic band then gently make the braid larger by pulling on the sides.
  11. Next, wrap the tail around the base of the french braid, slightly off center to create a bun.
  12. Pin down the edges so it stays in place.
  13. Pull hair loose around the face and make sure the top portion is proportional.
  14. Spray with hairspray to set and you are set to go!

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