Planning for the Future with the Timeline Project

Flowers Planning for the future has always been something I have done. No matter where I was or what I was doing, a thought about the future would creep into my mind. Whether it was regarding saving for retirement, deciding when the right time was to have children, or even what I would have for lunch in two hours. Making decisions about my future has always been a constant and consistent thought. Many times, things that were right would simply fall into place. Knowing which college to attend, what to major in, who to date and marry, it all seemed to happen without too much stress and worry because the right thing seemed to simply work out. I am always dreaming of the future and what it will bring, for me as a person, for AJ as my better half, and for us as a couple. Either way, any decisions that we make are made together and I know working as a team we will support each other’s dreams and goals and figure out each step together as they come. orange-flowers A few weeks ago while I was at BlogHer ’14, I had the opportunity to learn about The Timeline Project. It is a place and community where you can think and plan for your future, whether it be through dreaming it, visualizing it, and ultimately realizing it. The project is an online tool that is part journal and part mood board with info-rich resources. It helps focus on your dreams and prioritize things to make them actually happen. The projectwas developed by Bayer HealthCare, a leader in women’s health for over five decades. I know many of you have a lot of passions in life and plans waiting to make them become a reality, and many of them could be molded by how and when your family unfolds. To help you take control and decide where and when or whether you’ll be building your family, they will also share some ideas on birth control options to discuss with your doctor, so you can make the best choice for your own path.Learn more about The Timeline Project by checking out the website and start a Timeline of your own!

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