Double Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Side Braid

Double Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Side BraidΒ is a play off Β from Double Headband Waterfall Braids and a more casual version of Double Waterfall Braids and Fishtail Bun. When braids start getting mixed together the titles of these tutorials sure get complicated. Coming up with the names for some of these could be a job in and of itself!
This particular hairstyle features a waterfall braid then a french braid is added into it and all the hair is then braided into a side fishtail braid. There’s a tutorial for this one after the jump.
Waterfall and Fishtail Braids Waterfall and Fishtail Braids Side Fishtail Braid and WaterfallSide Fishtail BraidWaterfall and Fishtail Braids

Follow these steps to get the Double Waterfall and Fishtail Side Braid!
Step 1 / Begin by taking a section of hair right at the top hairline.
Step 2 / Separate the section into three pieces.
Step 3 / Begin a french braid by crossing the side strands over the middle.
Step 4 / When crossing the back strand over the middle, bring in a section of hair on the right side of the braid, adding it into the strand.
Step 5 / Cross the front, side strand over the middle once more before beginning the waterfall portion.
Step 6 / Repeat step 4 crossing over the back strand and bringing in a section.
Step 7 / Now, drop down the front strand, and bring in a section of hair right behind the strand, adding it into the braid to create Β a waterfall effect.
Step 8 / Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the braid reaches the nape of the neck.
Step 9 / Tie off the braid with a hair tie.
Step 10 / Now take another section of hair, on the heavy side of the part, right in front of the waterfall braid.
Step 11 / Separate the section into three pieces and complete a french braid, pulling in the waterfall pieces with the back side strands.
Step 12 / Once the braid reaches the nape of the neck, separate the hair into two halves.
Step 13 / Take a smaller section from one half and cross it over the top adding it into the other half, creating a fishtail braid.
Step 14 / Repeat step 13 with the other side until the braid reaches the end of the hair.
Step 15 / Tie off the end with a hair and gently loosen the braid by pulling on the sides.
Now, you’ve got a gorgeous, waterfall french braid with a side fishtail braid!


  1. July 14, 2014 / 12:51 AM

    Love your braids, but can you do some more messy buns?

    • July 14, 2014 / 1:07 PM

      I’ll see what I can do, Katie (:

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