Braid 1-Mohawk Dutch Braid

Braid 1-Mohawk Dutch Braid is hands-down one of my all-time favorite hairstyles…ever and have done┬áso many different versions of this look including:

Braid 9 – Dutch Braid and Double Bun

Dutch Braided Headband Side Braid

Braid 3 – Double Dutch Braids and Bun

Braid 1 – Mini Sideswept Dutch Braid

and even made it the feature picture for my How to Braid video.

I can’t get enough! I love Dutch braids┬áso much they will always be on serious repeat in my repertoire. I figured it was high time I show you one of my favorite versions, this Mohawk Dutch Braid, which I recently wore in my outfit post, Polka Dot Dress-Look 2!

Mohawk Dutch Braid |

Follow these steps to get the look or jump down to the video tutorial!

Step 1 / Start by brushing all the hair straight back.

Step 2 / Next divide out a section of hair, right at the forehead, from corner to corner.

Step 3 / Then take a strand directly behind this piece, that is half the size, on the left side.

Step 3 / Now take another strand directly behind this piece, half the size, on the right side.

Step 4 / Cross the strand on the left under the large middle strand.

Step 5 / Next, cross the strand on the right under the middle strand.

Step 6 / Cross the left strand under the middle and bring in a section of hair.

Step 7 / Cross the right strand under the middle and bring in a section of hair angling the braid so it is slightly off center.

Step 8 / Continue braiding the Dutch braid so it stays off center and curves around the ear and down to the left side of the nape of the neck.

Step 9 / Once the braid reaches the neck, finish in a regular style braid so it lays over the left shoulder.

Step 10 / Tie off the braid with an elastic band.

Mohawk Dutch Braid | MissySue.comMohawk Dutch Braid | MissySue.comMohawk Dutch Braid | MissySue.comMohawk Dutch Braid |


  1. Lisa
    December 11, 2015 / 2:57 PM

    You and your tutorials are great, Melissa! Just one question – aren’t your arms getting tired when braiding? I can’t braid longer than 1 minute on the top of my head (Yep, sometimes it takes longer when redoing). Greetings from Germany!

    • December 11, 2015 / 9:32 PM

      Haha, no I think I’ve gotten used to it (:

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