A Facial with Light Touch Medical Aesthetics

I was recently invited by Light Touch Medical Aesthetics to come in and experience one of their facials. It was absolutely fabulous and one of the best things I’ve experienced. I scheduled the appointment near my birthday so it would be a special way to treat myself.


When I arrived, I met with McKenna who was very welcoming and immediately made me feel comfortable. This was my first facial so,ย since I wasย pretty clueless, she explained everything that would happen and left the room so I could get ready. I removed all my jewelry but didn’t want to completely undress so, luckily, I simply slipped my arms out of their sleeves and slid under the blanket lying on the bed.

McKenna came back in and covered my hair with a wrap and laid another towel across my chest. She was kind enough to write down everything she did so I could share it with you so here are all of the steps from the facial.

  1. She opened with Art of Breath, Serenity Ess Oil.
  2. Next, she did a cleanse with Avene Dermo Cleansing Milk.
  3. For the second cleanse she used Glymed Gentle face wash using the Smart Pro Clarisonic Brush.
  4. Next, she exfoliated with an anti-aging exfoliant mask and set a gentle blowing of steam over the skin.
  5. While the mask set, she massaged both arms and hands.
  6. After removing the mask, she did a skin analysis and extractions.
  7. Following those, she used the Avene Thermal Spring Water toner.
  8. Next she applied the Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask (the green mask in the picture).
  9. While the mask set, she massaged the neck and shoulders.
  10. After the mask, she applied a Vitamin C serum 10-1.
  11. Then did a facial massage with Daily Repair Mega Moisture by Glymed.
  12. Next, she applied the SPF Elta UV Clear 46 and did a wonderful scalp massage.
  13. She closed with Art of Breath, Good Karma Oil

The whole experience was absolutely marvelous and something I want to do more often. I would love to repeat this every year on Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, you name it!ย It was relaxing, serene, and really something I should have done much earlier!

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  1. J.Lee
    June 18, 2014 / 7:01 PM

    facials can be really therapeutic and amazing or absolute nightmares. it’s great to know that you’ve found a good place to go. thanks for sharing your experience!

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