How to Make Flowers Last Longer

How to Make Flowers Last Longer is easy everyday tips and tricks to ensuring your flowers stay beautiful and blooming in your home.

Flowers have been popping up everywhere recently, from Flower Crowns to peeking out of handbags, but keeping them fresh takes a few more steps than simply plopping them into a vase.

1 / Gently feel the petals. 

Flowers that are fresh and new will be a little crispy. If the petals are already soft they are a few days old.

2 / Check for spots. 

If the stems and leaves have little yellow spots, it is receiving too much moisture and already wilting inside. This mean the petals will start to fall off soon.

3 / Touch the stems.

Flowers that sit in buckets of water can suck up the bacteria growing in them. If the stem is slimy, the flowers won’t last long.

4 / Choose long stems. 

Flowers with longer stems means they have had plenty of time to grow and develop. Even if you need shorter stems in your bouquet, purchase long stems  then cut them to the desired length.

5 / Don’t dismiss drooping.

Drooping flowers are oftentimes only dehydrated and resolved with fresh water. Once at home, cut the stems at an angle with a knife, wrap them in newspaper to keep them upright, and place in water with some Chrystal Flower Food.

6 / Add ice. 

Dropping a few ice cubes into the vase acts like a refrigerator and slows down the decay and growth of bacteria.


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