DIY Pearl Earpiece

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

DIY Pearl Earpiece is an easy way to make your own chic earrings at home.

Earpieces are on trend at the moment and can be seen all over in magazines, on models, down the runways. I started noticing them a few weeks ago here and there and when I saw a piece that looked similar to the one above I knew it was one I could easily make on my own. I only have one piercing in each ear so I had to improvise with the top portion of this gem. By using a clip-on earring back, however, I was able to accommodate the style without piercing my ears a second time.

Follow the simple steps below to creating your own version of this rad earpiece.

What you will need:

  • E6000 Glue
  • 2 straight wires with a looped end
  • 2 flat back pearl beads
  • 2 clip-on earring backs
  • 2 pearl earrings

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 1 / Place a small dollop of glue, in a straight line, on the flat side of both pearl beads.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 2 / Gently place the bead on the front side of the clip-on earring. Let it dry for at least one hour. Repeat this with the other earring.

*Tip: Place the earring on the top of your ear to ensure you will glue the pearl bead on the right side.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 3 / Once the earring has sufficiently dried, open the clip-on and place a little glue on the piece of metal that protrudes out.

*Tip: Before moving onto step 4, measure the distance from the clip-on portion and the loop at the end of the straight wire. You will want to ensure that the loop lines up with the pierced hole on your ear when the clip-on portion is secured at the top of the ear.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 4 / Lay the straight wire, loop end out, over the glue on the clip-on.  Do not close the clasp on the clip-on or else it will also glue to the straight wire while drying. Keep it open and prop it up so the wire stays straight. Let it dry for one to two hours.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 5 / Remove the back from the pearl earring and slide it through the loop on the end of the earpiece.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 6 / Place the backing back onto the pearl earring to keep it held in the loop until ready to wear.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

Step 7 / When putting on the earpiece, clip the top portion on first, then guide the looped end until it lines up with the pierced hole before sliding the pearl earring through and placing the back on the other side, holding it in place.

DIY Pearl Earpiece |

DIY Pearl Earpiece |



  1. Dearlives
    May 13, 2018 / 8:07 PM

    Wow, this is so unique. So stunning. Got to have one earpiece for my next project. So inspiring.

  2. May 16, 2014 / 6:50 AM

    Great DIY idea! I was just wondering the other day whether there would be a way to make something like that from old jewellery! Thanks a lot for the inspiration!!!

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