Braid 9-Dutch Braid and Double Bun


Braid 9-Dutch Braid and Double Bun are a combination of two of my all-time favorite hairstyles. AΒ Dutch braidΒ and the Double Bun. An easier version I might add than the one I shared on

I’m not gonna lie, I probably wear this hairstyle at least twice a week. So if you see it bobbing down the sidewalk, stop and say hi, it’s probably me. (:

This look is fun and a great change up from the typical braid and bun combo. It is slightly mohawk-ish, a little edgy, but still a feminine look, especially with a pink shirt I might add). Don’t you think?

Would you wear this look?

dutch-braid-double-bun-missysue dutch-braid-and-bun dutch-braid-to-bun dutch-braid-to-bun-hairstyle dutch-braid-double-bun

Here’s the steps, cuz you knew they were down here, right?

1 / Begin by parting the hair. I like mine on the right recently.

2 / Separate a section at the top right in the front.

3 / Now take a smaller section right behind it to the left.

4 / Then another section to the right (these are your three strands for the braid).

5 / Begin a dutch braid, wrapping the side strands under the middle.

6 / Pull in smaller sections of hair and add them into the braid, smoothing out the strands as you go.

7 / When you reach the nape of the neck, pull all the hair into one hand.

8 / Wrap an elastic band over the ponytail one time.

9 / Now twist the elastic and spread the hair around creating a circle or sun or donut-ish shape.

10 / Next wrap the elastic band over your circle shape creating a mini donut, yum!

11 / Pull the edges of the donut to make it bigger.

12 / Then take the rest of the hair sticking out and loop it towards the donut and tuck it into the hair band. This is what creates the “double bun” effect.

13 / If your donut is too big, tug on the hair you rolled and tucked until they are about symmetrical in size.

14 / You can also throw in hair pins if you have a skewompous section.

But no worries, friends…there’s a video!

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