Braid 16-Fancy French Braid

loose-french-braid-ribbonsBraid 16-Fancy French Braid is the perfect hairstyle for every day. French braids are so classic and I love that they never go out of style.

Watch this “How to Braid” tutorial if you are new to braiding and want to watch a detailed tutorial.

Growing up, my mom would always braid my hair. I was too young for curling irons and if we didn’t put in sponge curlers the night before then it was always a braid. I love braids as a result and they are my favorite way to style my hair when I am foregoing any hot tools.

This is a beautiful way to fancy up the traditional french braid. It features a lovely twist at the top and pretty pink ribbons added throughout to add a bit of dimension and definitely gives it a breath of fresh (h)air.

loose-french-braid-hairstyle-missysue loose-french-braided-hair

Follow these steps to achieve this fancy french braid:

Step 1 / Brush back the top portion of the hair to create a smooth look.

Step 2 / Separate the hair form the top of the ears to the back of the head.

Step 3 / Divide this section into two halves; left and right.

Step 4 / Next, cross the left strand over the right strand.

Step 5 / Now cross them one more time to create a twist.

Step 6 / Take a hair pin and slide it over the right strand to secure it to the back of the head.

Step 7 / Now take a section of hair right below the twist at the back of the head.

Step 8 / Create one stitch of a braid then begin pulling in hair from the sides to create a french braid.

Step 9 /  Once the braid reaches the nape of the neck, tie off the hair with a clear elastic band.

Step 10 / Now complete two more stitches of a braid and tie off the hair again with an elastic.

Step 11 / Take your favorite ribbon and tie a bow over each clear elastic.

Step 12 / Finish with hairspray and you are all set for whatever the day holds.

Remember, today always has the potential to be better than yesterday.

<3 love you, girls.

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