Braid 10-Ribbon Wrapped Braided Bun

red-ribbon-braided-bun-missy-sue-blogBraid 10-Ribbon Wrapped Braided Bun is a great way to dress up a dressed down ‘do.

It could be tossed into the 15 Ways to Wear a Ribbon mix or even the 8 (more) ways to Style a Ribbon set.

Tossing your hair into a chic braided bun is easy to do and can be completed quickly; always a bonus in my book.

There are some days when I stand in the bathroom, staring into the mirror telling my reflection I just don’t want to do my hair. Of course, that scraggly haired girl in the mirror always convinces me to get my act together and pull out the hairspray.

I actually had a different hairstyle in mind when I first did this look. I wrapped the ribbon over my head and started playing with my hair. Honestly, this is how many of my hairstyles happen, namely these boho braids, the gatsby t&c, and t&c half.  Oh! and tomorrow’s hairstyle which you are going to LOVE! I can’t wait to show you (:

There is a quick trick with this braided bun though because it starts out as a dutch braid.  It is stabilized at the base in a sense which helps keep it in place better. There’s nothing worse than looking in the middle during the day, and finding half your hair trying to escape from the hair elastic.

Do not worry though, a regular braid can always do the trick too if you love this style but aren’t best friends with dutch braids, yet. We’ll get you there (:


Steps, lovelies:

1 / Back comb the hair at the crown to create a bit of volume; sweep the comb back over the top to smooth it out a bit.

2 / Pop on your favorite ribbon. A headband would also work or even a turban, ooooh! love that idea. Next time (:

3 / Separate the hair at the top of the ears for the dutch braid.

4 / Braid the hair into a Dutch Braid and secure the end with an elastic band.

5 / Wrap the braid up on the left side so it sits next to where the braid started. Pin the edges in place.

6 / Wrap the tail over the top of the beginning of the braid and back down the right side. Throw in pins to hold it.

7 / Spray some hairspray to smooth down flyaways. Lovely, darling.

P.S. Have you heard Chvrches ” The Mother We Share”? Amazing.

braid-10-braided-bun-ribbon-missy-sue-blog Braided-bun-missysueblog braided-bun-with-red-ribbon

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