Beauty Basics: Tips for Applying False Lashes

How to Apply False Lashesfalse lashes

False lashes are fun to wear and can really bring out your eyes. The trickiest part, however, can be learning how to put them on so they stay all day long.

Choosing a pair with a thinner, clear band is a good choice if you are a beginner. These bands hold the glue better and are light enough they stay in place longer.

The key component to applying falsies is ensuring the glue is ready before setting them into place. After applying the glue, let it begin to dry so it becomes tacky , about 30 seconds, and it will stick to the skin instead of falling right off.

Some other quick tips to keep in mind:

Measure the lashes and snip off any excess to ensure they will fit on your lid.

When placing the lashes on your lid, press the center on first before setting the edges into place.

Once the glue is dry, swipe on some liner to hide the lash line and blend the lashes better with your own.

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