Spiraled Headbraid

Spiral Headbraid 3
Originally, I had planned on trying this on myself but found it too tricky to do. I asked Sarah to step in and be my model and the braid ended up resembling this hairstyle at the end. I had imagined it a little different in my mind but will save that for another day. Hopefully Sarah will be able to stop by again for that one too! Click through for the tutorial
Spiral Headbraid 2Spiral HeadbraidSpiral Headbraid 1

This spiraled braid begins behind the left ear and wraps up to the top of the head and back down again in an upside down U shape. It winds back around and traces just inside the first braid. Then, finished in a regular braid it is looped around in a spiral and pinned to the center of the head. It looks more complicated than it is but would be categorized as an advanced level braid. I hope you give it a try though; thanks for reading!


  1. January 7, 2014 / 6:29 PM

    Sarah is so pretty! And her hair is perfect ;)


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