Simple Organizing: Prepping for Fall

When you start reaching for cardigans and sweaters you know it’s time to put away the Summer clothes and pull out the Fall and Winter clothing. This can be an overwhelming task but when you plan your attack before hand it can be completed in a quick and efficiently, organized fashion.

Begin by pulling out all the containers that store your clothing. (Bonus points if you washed everything before storing it away!)

Empty out all of the contents, sorting everything into piles by person, ie. spouse, child, and then by types ie. items that are folded into drawers, items that are hung up, items to give away, etc.

Next, start with the items that will be moved out of the way; bag thrifted items and hang up coats.

Now sort the remaining items that will be placed into drawers. This can be done one person at a time to minimize any confusion.
Since the buckets will now be empty, move these items aside and pull out the summer clothing.
Place all these items into an empty container, move it out of the way, and begin putting away the sweaters now that drawer space is available. 
When putting the clothes away, organizing them by color or type ie. work sweater, casual sweater, lights, darks, helps finding them easier later on.
Other Items of Note:
Place winter hats that are often used in a see-through container for easy access once the snow rolls in.
Roll up thick tights and nylons into balls and store in clear containers so they are out of the way but accessible once they are needed.
Store items on closet shelves so you can see everything but it’s out of the way. 
Now you’re ready for the Fall weather! 


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