How to Dress like Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of grace and form. Learning to capture her style is the pinnacle of class and elegance. Here are a few simple steps to achieve your own sense of Audrey Hepburn design. 
1 / Wear what looks good on you. Audrey knew what looked good on her and she stuck to it. Acknowledge your finer points and lesser ones too. Audrey Hepburn loved her tiny waist and wore clothing that cinched and accentuated that feature. Consider the one thing you want to highlight and stick with it. 
2 / Keep it simple. Audrey believed that “less is more” and styled her clothing choices around that motif. Your outfit can become too complicated when you’re considering too many things to wear. Think “elegant simplicity” when putting a look together.
3 / Avoid trends. When your style is established it won’t be strayed by current trends. Maintain a belief in quality when it comes to key pieces in your closet. Stick with the basics and wear fashion pieces that complement them; items such as jewelry and scarves. 
4 / Stay groomed. Audrey’s grooming standards were that she looked simply made up. Maintain your haircut and update it as you age. Keep your nails groomed and your clothing clean. 
5 / Stock up on basics
  • white shirt
  • kitten heels
  • black flats
  • fitted suit
  • little black dress
6 / Wear accessories.
  • scarf
  • dark sunglasses
  • pearls
  • gloves
7 / Maintain good posture. Good posture does wonders for your appearance. Audrey studied ballet and learned to always appear graceful. Carry yourself with grace and good posture and you’ll pull off any look successfully.

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