The Pompadour

I love this hairstyle! I practically live in this hairstyle especially since my bangs are, once again, at that awkward in between stage where they are either falling in my eyes or slicked flat against my forehead. No bueno.

I think this hairstyle is absolutely fabulous and uber chic. I love that it is a classic hairstyle that has been handed down through the years. If you google this stuff it dates back to King Lous XV! How cool is that?

My favorite way to wear hairstyle is when my hair is fresh off the blow dryer. I will blow the pieces straight up and back towards the crown so they already know what to do when the time is right. Then I will smooth them down with a straightener and work the style in after I have finished the rest of my hair.

Here are the easy steps to achieving this fun hairstyle during the hot summer months.

1 / To begin, divide the hair by taking a section of hair directly behind your forehead, right at the hairline. You can part the hair at the natural corners of your forehead or completely free hand it.

2 / Next, pull the hair up and using a comb, back tease the hair to create volume.

3 / Then take some hair spray and spritz it over the roots.

4 / Using a comb, smooth down the top layer while pushing the hair straight back, leaving the majority of the “poof” intact.

5 / Slide two or three hair pins over this section of hair to hold it in place. If any part of the pompadour has fallen flat simply use your finger to gently pull it back up to match the rest.

6 / The halfway point – I love this hairstyle when I want to take on a more rocker-ish style and it is also perfect when I’m growing out my bangs; which I always seem to be doing.

To take it to the next level:

7 / Comb up the sides right above your ears in a triangle shape and grip it right on top of your head behind the pins you placed in earlier.

8 / Secure this piece with a small, clear elastic.

9 / Smooth down any flyaways with a hint of hairspray

10 / Now you have your very own pompadour!

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  1. August 1, 2013 / 2:40 PM

    looks amazing on you. best way to get your hair out of your face. i used to live in that hairstyle too before i switched to the top knot. haha.

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