How to Dye your Eyebrows

In the summer I love to dye my eyebrows so I don’t have to worry about filling them in as often. Of course, my tail ends are thinner and have more blonde hairs so this helps them show up plus adds a little thickness.

When choosing a dye, reach for a color that has “ash” listed in the name. Hair dyes with ash undertones are more natural shades and will look better than say a golden brown or dark blonde color. (I use Light Ash Brown.)

I followed the directions from the box, mixing the ingredients together in the provided bottle. Then applied the mixture to a toothbrush to comb it through my brows. It doesn’t show up very well at first so sometimes I’ll apply a small amount to my gloved finger and pat it over the eyebrow. Then I took a wet tissue and carefully wiped around the edges of my brows to ensure none of the dye settled on my skin.

I let it set for about 10 minutes and dramatically darkened during the process. (AJ was so startled when he saw how dark my eyebrows became, ha!)

Then I took a clean, wet paper towel and a little soap to carefully wipe the dye off my eyebrows.

Voila! So easy and affordable with the $4 Revlon hair dye.

This picture is more recent and shows the color after dying them medium ash brown and having them threaded.


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