Apply Makeup like a French Woman

French women are undoubtedly, effortlessly chic. They appear to be naturally gorgeous and always stylishly dressed. Their makeup looks natural and seems to appear as if there isn’t any there at all. Learning to apply makeup in a similar fashion can be easy to learn. Luckily, the technique is in the soft application and the effect of it blending naturally into the skin tone. Of course, it can all be accomplished in a few, short minutes.

Step 1: Begin by cleansing the skin and apply a moisturizer.
Starting with a good base is very important and will help any makeup stay in place.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of foundation and use your fingers to blend it in. The warmth from the fingers will help it combine with the skin. Then dot on a tiny bit of concealer to hide any blemishes the foundation did not quite cover.

Step 3: Take a naturally toned eyebrow pencil and softly pencil in the brows. This will help them show through and give a more youthful appearance.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of primer to the eyelids and dust a matte skin tone shade over the lid, crease, and brow bone. Reach for a peach color for warmer tones or a pink color for cooler tones.

Step 5: Place a warm toned or cool toned brown in the crease, blending it and removing any defined lines.

Step 6: Gently line the upper eyelids with a brown liner and line the bottom of the eyes through the lash line; lightly smudging it with a finger.

Step 7: Curl the lashes and apply one coat of brown or black-brown mascara.

Step 8: Dust a matte peach or pink blush to the apples or the cheeks and blend out the harsh edges up towards the ear.

Step 9: Line the lips with a nude, peach, or pink liner and apply a matte lipstick (no shine or gloss) and blot the lips with a tissue.

So effortless, so chic. A perfect natural look that will brighten the complexion and give the appearance of fresh glow.

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  1. Lo Lo
    December 29, 2017 / 4:29 PM

    This is so much makeup. the real French process would be more like:

    1. Wash and moisturize.

    2. Apply concealer sparingly to any imperfections.

    3. Fill in brows gently and groom keeping it natural looking.

    4. Add a dab of nice cream blush that can double as a lip tint and moisturizer.

    5. Mascara.

    6. Leave the house in love with yourself.

  2. July 26, 2013 / 3:56 PM

    i love the natural look too. specially with a peachy pink cheek and lips.

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