The Best Bangs for your Face Shape

What’s your face shape? Do you have bangs? Click through to see more details.

Heart Face Shapes:
A heart shape face has a cheek area that is slightly wider than the hairline and finishes with a prominent chin. Heart shaped faces look great with sideswept bangs that vary on the shorter side. This helps draw attention away from the more prominent chin and up to the framed eyes.
Oval Face Shapes:
An oval face shape is typically 3 parts long to 2 parts wide. In other words, the width of your face is about 1/3 less than the length of your face. There are also no major corners on an oval face shape. This shape has a lot more options when it comes to bangs. They look the best a little longer and a little thicker, grazing over the eyebrows. If your hair in thinner, then face framing bangs that can be swept to the side work great too.

Square Face Shapes:
A square face shape is usually proportional in length and width with a strong jaw line, broad forehead, and square chin. For women with a square face shape, longer, eye-grazing bangs work best when they are thin and layered. Anything short and blunt will make the face look too boxy.
Round Face Shapes:
A round face shape is about equal in width and length and doesn’t have pronounced corners. A side-swept look will look great on this face shape. Try keeping the bangs longer on the sides while blending it into your hair helps soften the cheek bones. A blunt bang can work for this shape if they’re a little longer, adding length to the face.

Other face shapes [rectangle, oblong, pear]   

Oh my gosh you guys! I’ve had this totally wrong my whole life. Forever I thought I had a round face shape. Then a little while ago, I was convinced it was square. Now, after doing the research for this post, I’ve realized I’m actually oval. The length of my face is 7″ and the width is 5″. If you have an oval face, the width is about 1/3 less the height. One-third of 7 is 2.333. Seven minus 2.3 is 4.7. Whaaaat?!?

Quite honestly, I think we each know best what looks great on ourselves. Face shape or no. Hopefully this just helps give you some ideas if you’re thinking about trimming some for yourself.

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  1. March 29, 2013 / 1:53 AM

    I love all the fringes n the oval category, and I also love Nicole richie’s! I’m a fan of bangsssssssss <3

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