Over The Weekend

Some random thoughts / [cuz that’s all I got]

We went and saw a hockey game. A Utah State hockey game mind you. I grew up in a family who played hockey but never really had friends who appreciated the sport. While I was sitting there at that game with AJ I glanced up at him and when I saw him watching the game so intently I had this overwhelming feeling of joy. He loves hockey as much, or more, than I do and I knew right then that was just one more reason why he is so perfect for me. [P.S. Dad if you’re reading this, you were greatly missed at that hockey game. We had pizza before the game (seemingly the tradition) and I kept thinking how much I wished you were there too]

Donuts are quickly becoming a major food group around this household, that and vanilla hot chocolate.

The mail always comes without fail. “How do I make it stop?”

We finally cut a pumpkin! Cut because we did not carve that bad boy. I merely wanted to cook the seeds. I have never done that and always loved it when my mom did it around Halloween.

I actually wish it would snow. I never thought I’d say that but it’s prettier with snow covering everything than having barren trees everywhere.

Three day work week. That speaks for itself (:


  1. November 19, 2012 / 10:07 PM

    I am with you on the snow… It just makes the cold more worth it. I finally got a pumpkin this weekend too! It would’ve been a sin to go the entire season without one :)

  2. November 19, 2012 / 5:24 PM

    i am totally with you… i also wish it would snow.

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