Four Strand Braid

Four Strand Braid is the next level up from a French Braid. It can be tricky but with a little practice, anyone can master it.
I decided to do this post using different colored ties becauseΒ I thought it’d be easiest to see.Β Besides, I couldn’t find any ribbon, yarn, or even string and considered using belts before discovering the ties hanging lazily in the closet being unproductive.
It’s basically, over under over, under over under, etc. To make it a french braided look you just have to pull in strands of hair as you go. I hope you try this out. It reminded me of some kind of craft project from the 3rd grade. I am surprised I haven’t tried it sooner.


  1. June 13, 2012 / 9:28 PM

    i’ve tried doing this in my hair SO many times this summer, and i can never get it right! i’ve watched millions of youtube videos and read several blog posts, but i still can’t get it.
    for some reason though, the colored ties really seemed to help me. i can proudly say that i can now make a 4 plait! my life is complete.


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