Two Front Braids: Inspired by Paris Hilton

This hairstyle features two french braids along the hair line. Inspired by Paris Hilton in her famous Las Vegas drug bust mug shot.


  1. January 12, 2012 / 6:21 AM

    so so pretty I’ve got to give these a try! My hair is only to my shoulders, but I should still be able too!!!

  2. January 12, 2012 / 1:53 AM

    GOSH! how do you do it? i am so ENVIOUS right now, ahah. i can’t even braid a regular braid by myself! so a french raid is out of the question – and you can only imagine what it’d look like if i attempted anything besides that! ;D

    i do enjoy your blogs though. any tips on how to do it yourself? ahah.

  3. January 11, 2012 / 10:38 PM

    This is so cute :) What a great way to incorporate some braids!

  4. January 11, 2012 / 5:44 PM

    I just wish I could braid my hair!!!!! I have tried and tried. I sick. You always look so cute.

  5. January 11, 2012 / 4:05 PM

    Super cute, I love your little beauty tutorials!

  6. January 11, 2012 / 3:46 PM

    oh my gosh this looks so cute on you! I just need to figure out how to french braid my own hair…I can do other peoples but doing my own thats a whole different story! ha


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